Other audio

The files shown on the right are MP3 and Realmedia samples of Phillip’s playing in various styles. The 'Genre pieces' are 'classical improvisations; the other improvisations are loosely based on the indicated tunes, but sometimes only use snatches of them. The Preludes, Chamber Sketches and the Suites are in a contemporary classical style; the pieces described as 'Sample' show various background music styles.

Most of the RealMedia clips and MP3s were recorded from Minidisk files, in turn recorded from Phillip’s Kawai grand acoustic piano and Yamaha Clavinova (for non-piano items). They are optimised for 28.8k modems to keep the file sizes small. The MP3s entitled Chamber Sketches were encoded directly to MP3 from midis created using his small Yamaha PSR-230 keyboard, and use the extensive Gold sound database available with Harmony Assistant composition software from Myriad-Online. Two of these pieces also use rhythm tracks created using auto-composition software.

The RealMedia and MP3 files can be played on various downloadable music players, eg,  the free Media Player Classic which can be downloaded from afterdawn.com and elsewhere. RealMedia clips are not as 'hi-fi' as the MP3s but as they are smaller files (they can be kept to as little as 130Kb/minute playing time) they are quicker to upload and download than MP3s, and useful for those without broadband or ADSL.

For other (non-acoustic) samples see Midis.








Three duos for melodica and
piano (left hand)
Duo 1.mp3 (2' 23”, 2.3Mb);
Duo 2.mp3 (3' 12”, 3.0Mb);
Duo 3.mp3 (2' 42”, 2.5Mb)

Genre pieces:
Feux-follets (organ) 1'34"
Scherzo (organ) 1'07"
Salon ('background'
piano music) 1'40"

Chamber Sketches: (2004/5):
1, 2,3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8,9, 10,11

Oh! what a beautiful morning 1'46"

RealMedia clips
Genre pieces:

Prelude 1 1'37"
Prelude 2 2'50"
Prelude 3 1'39"
Prelude 4 2'54"
Prelude 5 2'12"

Samples:(all approx. 1')
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 8

Suite (2001)
Ballade (4'06")
Poem (5'05")
Orientale (5'28")
Idyll (3'18")

Suite (2003)
Descent (2'53”)
Stroll (1'5”)
Behind you (3'28”)
Cri (2'22”)
Purpose (1'46”)
Defeat (2'17”)